Mid-Infrared Metamorphic Interband Cascade vertical cavity Surface Emitting Laser

MIMIC-SEL is a scientific project funded by the French agency for research, ANR

The main objective of MIMIC-SEL is design, fabricate and study III-V VCSELs operating at wavelengths longer than 3 μm and operating in CW mode at temperature higher than 300K.

Electrically-pumped mid-IR VCSELs rely on GaSb-based materials. But entering in the 3-5 μm wavelength range requires new approaches for both active zone design and device processing. Thus, the structure will be based on an interband cascade type-II active zone, a metamorphic oxide-based lateral confinement scheme and a hybrid-mirror technology with target performances suited for spectroscopy applications.

The main scientific and technological goals of the MIMC-SEL project are to develop and investigate VCSELs offering the following properties:

  • CW at room temperature and above
  • Single frequency emission at 3.3 µm and 3.5 µm with SMSR of 30 dB
  • Continuous electro-thermal tunability of 15 nm
  • Optical output power higher than 1 mW
  • Power consumption below 10 mW