Mid-Infrared Metamorphic Interband Cascade vertical cavity Surface Emitting Laser

MIMIC-SEL is a scientific project funded by the French agency for research, ANR.

The main objective of MIMIC-SEL is to create the first-ever electrically-pumped Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology emitting at wavelengths longer than 3μm and operating in CW mode at temperature higher than 300K.

The availability of electrically pumped VCSELs at wavelength longer than 3 μm operating in continuous wave above room temperature is considered as a breakthrough for laser-based optical sensing applications. Indeed, these devices have a low cost potential, low power consumption and overall emits single frequency with mode-hop free tunability. These ideal and unmatched properties will enable widespread utilization of photonic sensor networks. This will contribute to the well being and health of the population by stimulating air pollution monitoring, detecting leaks and preventing fire as other possible application.